Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Design Tests and crashing computers!!@!

I took another design test last week. The image I provided is from the high concept stuff I did for the my recent design test. It is just the chicken scratch I jot down before starting anything serious. It's all just "That would be sick if . . " type thoughts that I draw and write down madly. Maybe later I will post some screen shots of the level I designed in Unreal but we'll see.

I'm not going to say who the test for, but if I get the job you'll know. :)
I will say though that their upcoming titles are promising and I would be quite happy to work with their Intellectual Properties.

When I was informed of the test, I went and got a new comp because my current pc is beyond repair and can't run Unreal to save it's now worthless existence. I needed something that was fast, had wireless and was already built. (Didn't have time to waste on constructing my own.) I went to Best Buy and got a quad core Gateway. I get home to find out it doesn't have wireless capabilities. I then had to go to Best Buy and get a wireless usb card. (Which they gave me on the house because they said it had wireless.)

It worked for a week and then it died. Luckily I had my level saved up to date on a flash drive. I had to pack it up and take it back and get a new one. I got home and set it up and the NEW one died that day.


I finally just returned it and gave up. I am building my own pc damn it. I have to say though that the dudes at Best Buy were extremely nice and helpful.

Anyway that is what I have been doing. That and playing Spider-Man Web of Shadows. It has lots of technical glitches, bugs and seems rushed in some areas. However because it is Spidey maybe I am giving it the benefit of the doubt. . . because I like the air combat, zipping webs into bad guys faces and chasing Spidey villains through sky scrappers. I just wished they made the Symbiote versions of Wolverine a bit more intense. This design seemed lacking for such a powerful combination. If it were more like this I think it would have been more menacing looking, personally speaking. Venom also seemed a bit small in comparison to how he is in the comics. This is me being nit-picky though.

Anyway I'll update when I get some more stuff in motion and I get a pc that won't die in a week and that doesn't have Vista.

UPDATE: I received an email for the job saying they really like the stuff but their hiring needs had changed. They would essentially let me know when something pops up when they resume hiring. Bummer!