Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More Mortifera!

I was just reading an interview with Stan Lee a few minutes ago. He said that he felt his comics advocated action, not violence. Interesting. I don't know if he's been reading the recent Thor comics, but Dr. Doom straight up murders a Goddess and steals her powers. Rips out her heart and everything. Brutal.

Speaking of violent, the comic I have been working on is slowly coming together. I've posted some of the images from Mortifera: Ascension. (The artist is Sarah McPhie. She's pretty awesome if you ask me.) This is a 'Zero Issue', if you will, that explains some of the background in the current story arch. I'm only posting a few of these pages . . . in my next update I'll post some of the story after Ascension.
In the game design department I have been working on a bit of a crunch at Wayforward. We have a milestone on Friday so we are getting all the stuff necessary for submission and all that. I will post some info once the project is announced. I can also say that I am pretty happy with the Intellectual Property. I have been working on some cool ideas wit
h the other level designers and that's all I can say really. . . but when it's announced, I'll post something!

The other side project is also coming along piece by piece, but that is still early in development as well. I hope everyone's 2010 is looking good so far, because mine is shaping up nicely.