Tuesday, February 23, 2010

They finally posted the game I'm working on. . .

So Kotaku and Joystiq just posted that Wayforward Technologies (The place that I am working at) is working on Batman: The Brave and The Bold.


And they are correct. That is in fact the game that I am working on as well.
Hopefully in the coming weeks they will post some videos and pics. I am really pleased with how the game is turning out and very excited to be a part of this project.

If you have not seen the show that this Batman is based off of, it's on the Cartoon Network. It's not the typical brooding, sullen and pissed at everything Batman. It's more of a tongue in cheek, campy Batman. There are loads of DC characters from the show in the game as well. Like the show it will be about teaming up with those heroes to combat villains.

The game's website can also be seen here:

I will also say it's following the tradition of Wayforward games as well. I'll post some pics/vids when I get some.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Mass Affection Too

Fast update as I am tired and need sleep . . .

-Working crunch at the ol' job-a-roony. The game is getting better and better.
-I have not played Mass Effect 2 much because I've been busy at work, but what I have played, was amazing.
-Some more progress was made on Mortifera (see posted image)
-Finally decided that my game of the year for 2009 was Batman Arkham Asylum. (Solid design implementation, good story, awesome art and I was able to act like Batman without looking like a douche. All the things that made Batman awesome were there. . . beating up multiple guys at one time, slowly and methodically picking off dudes from the shadows, using awesome gadgets and experiencing Arkham from the inside. I'll go more into this later, I swears! )
-Worked a TINY bit on another project in my 2.5 seconds of free time.
-Mounted a coat of arms in the apartment. Wife approved and all.

Blammo. That's it. Hasta.