Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Hola hombres y mujeres.

Various things going on right now:

1.) Working crunch on Batman: The Brave and The Bold. Working 12 hour days listening to Darkest Hour whilst fixing bugs.

2.) Working on a side project that involved me driving over 100 miles one way to record some drums. Playing some metal tracks to melt faces and other appendages, thanks to my homie Bryan. It's gonna go over some pretty awesome goodness.

3.) Launched www.mortifera.net (It's the comic book I wrote, illustrated by my homie Sarah.)

4.) Sold out and bought an I Phone.

5.) Grew a handlebar mustache. AKA the Manstache.

6.) Uhhhh that's it. . . no wait!

7.) Played Darksiders. I like it but there are so many controls and things to remember that the Horsemen kinda looks like an idiot when I'm controlling him. It's very contextualized, which is not so smooth when you are first getting used to things. The art style is awesome though and the puzzles are fairly good. Good game overall.