Sunday, January 25, 2009

This Glorious Nightmare

I am workin on this dude right now. He is an amalgamation of nightmares you could say. If a vampire bit a warrior demon this is what you would get. I might post the color if I feel so inclined. Most of my free time has been devoted to drawings and Fallout 3,
which has ruined my life. I completed the game by being a total saint ( a saint that shoots slavers in the face anyway ) and now I am quite excited to
play the game like a prick. Well here is to another 30 hours . . .

Next update I'll have something regarding my views on the scope of a project and how limits can still thrive with creativity. Word up. Hasta Luego.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Critically Critical

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and we both came to the conclusion that folks who can't take criticsim, should not be in the business of entertaining people.  Criticism as a whole is large beast, always looking for a fight.  Dealing with such leviathans can end in trajedy or triumph but it is the trial that reveals its weakness.

The tragic result of a confrontation with criticism can be the demise of the creator.  Here is the creator, bravely lunging with a sword and shield, battling the demonic criticism.  After fighting criticism, the battle begins to wear down the creator.  Instead of learning from previous mistakes, criticism merely digs deeper into the creator.  Stopping the blood is becoming difficult and the creator limps away in pain.  Throwing down the sword and shield, the creator pouts momentarilly before being swallowed whole by criticism.  

There is, however, another way.  The creator learns from criticism and fights back with new knowledge.  It may take multiple stabs but reacting to the criticism is what counts.  Yes, the creator takes some hits occasionally, but it is the mistakes which make the creator that much more cunning.  You can tell by the scars who has faced their share of demons.  

I feel in the time that I have been around, the people I like to work with are those that can take fight instead of run away from it.  Mistakes make us what we are, and when people don't believe that they make any errors, it really says something about their ability to become better.  Criticism will eventually die by the hands of the creator if they are not beaten down by it, it is just a matter of how long, and when to end the fight.

I feel that fighting the beast can be painful, arduous, and intense.  However once the beast is conquered, it is that much sweeter a result and mounting that head on the wall in the Mead Hall is quite the accomplishment.

Long metaphor but I felt it was neccesary.  The moral of the story, to which I need to heed as well, don't be a wiener and learn from mistakes.