Monday, March 30, 2009


Here are some screen shots from playtesting I've been doing.  Need to move some volumes, add an easier way to move out of the acid pit, and take out some health pick ups but so far testing has been positive.  I need to move some of the flow out of the Incinerator/Air Lock room.  It seems most activity moves in there because there are too many pick ups.  

I am happy with some weapon placement though.  The more powerful weapons are in dangerous areas.  For example the sniper rifle and some health pickups are on the bridge.  If an enemy shoots the bridge switch it will submerge and the player will incur damage as a result of their sniper snatching attempt.  

Now I am just modifying and fixing. . .  I'll keep the updates coming.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

High Concept Level Map

I have done a SketchUp model of the map so Henry and I can establish a few things.  I wanted to get a nicer version of what I had drawn out in the previous post.  This can provide a 3D example of what I was trying to accomplish.  Layout and object placement are going to be discussed so we can make any modifications to the level before putting it in Unreal.  

Henry and I will also discuss art style and what needs to be achieved on the art end of things.  For example the acid bath tanks need to follow this general shape but it is up to Henry to create the awesome static meshes needed to create a gritty and corroded tank.  I have provided texture examples and photos of areas similar to what we are trying go for in the level.  For example think Terminator 2, Aliens, Predator and Battlestar Gallactica tones and moods.  We will start listing the necessary art assets to make this room look as brutal as we can.  

Next up is art asset discussion and then whiteboxing the environment.  When that happens I will post some pictures of the whitebox.  I may start scripting to make the lifts run, acid hurt the player, open doors, make crushers slam down and I need to work on a way to make the air lock suck the player out of the room into space. . .   :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Creative Ways to Die and Other News

Two updates:

One: I have a pen and paper design of the new Unreal Level.  I'll scan in all the images later but for now I have the quick picture of the chicken scratch I have been using to document ideas.  I have been working with Henry and we are going to mock up some more clearly defined ideas and blueprints.  (I'll do those in Sketchup and post em online too.)  After that he will get started on creating some art assets and meshes, while I do the white boxing for the level and rough scripting.  It's got all sorts of cool ways to use the level to kill opponents.  Dropping walkways into acid tanks, mechanized ship grinders, airlocks that suck them into space, raising acid tanks, and incinerator rooms that melt opponents.  (Complete with window so player's can watch their enemies melt to death.)  I'm pretty excited about this actually, I think it will be brutal.  Each room is represented in each image but are interconnected.  Two basement rooms and two ground level rooms.  

Two:  I asked to be laid off of work yesterday.  As odd as that sounds, the company didn't have money for paychecks and I couldn't wait any longer.  I needed some form of income and I couldn't wait any longer because I am months behind in payment.  I wish them nothing but the best and I hope they can pull out of this funk.  I know they have some plans but they will take weeks to be enacted and I just can't wait that long.  I am sure they will make some announcements sooner or later on what they plan on doing.  I was one of about six that left yesterday and I wish those that are staying the best of luck.